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The history of wedding dresses (3)
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Bride-to-be: have you started planning your wedding yet? If not, don't worry. You still have plenty of time! One of the first things you'll need to do is come up with a budget and decide how much money you want to spend on the bar and alcohol. How much do different types of drinks cost, and what kind of bar will fit best with your budget? Keep reading for some tips and ideas!

What is the difference between an open bar and a paid bar?

Open bars are just that: they're open. Guests can order any number of drinks during the reception at no charge. However, there is often a limit to how much alcohol or certain types of alcohol can be consumed. For example, one might have unlimited beer and wine, but only one mixed drink. An open bar is an excellent choice for many couples because it can be costly to pay for each guest's beverages at the wedding. However, bear in mind that an open bar will result in higher expenses.

Paid bars are not necessarily different from open bars; however, they require the guests to purchase drinks. These bars may be cash, or they may use tickets purchased ahead of time and then used at the bar. Tickets are often worth one drink each, but it varies with the establishment. Paid bars can still offer a great deal of variety in drinks, but they do cost more for your guests.

What are the advantages of an open bar?

One of the best things about an open bar is that it provides convenience for guests who might not want to or can afford to buy their own drinks. It is also less hassle for the host, as they don't have to worry about collecting money at the end of the event.

What are the disadvantages of an open bar?

Open bars can get expensive. It's essential to set a limit and stick to it to avoid spending yourself in debt on your wedding day. Open bars also may require more bartenders, which means higher expenses and less time spent socializing with guests. They may result in overconsumption if guests aren't responsible for their alcohol intake.

What are the advantages of a paid bar?

Paid bars can be more economical for the bride and groom, than an open bar. In addition, they can provide more flexibility for those who want to customize their drinks or pay with cash. You also won't have to worry about any overindulgence by your guests.

What are the disadvantages of a paid bar?

The most significant disadvantage is that this option does not provide drinks for free for your guests. Guests may be less inclined to purchase drinks. Paid bars will also require more bartenders, which can increase expenses.

What are the advantages of a signature drink?

The biggest advantage to a signature drink is that it allows you to control how much your guests have to drink. Signature drinks also allow guests who may want or need to limit their alcohol intake to do so, as they will likely choose a drink that is not particularly alcoholic. Being able to customize the drinks also makes the experience more personal for guests.

How do you choose a signature drink for a wedding?

There are a lot of ways to choose a signature drink. You can choose something that represents you and your fiance such as the Jack and Ginger (Jack Daniels and ginger ale). Champagne is always a good option if you're having an evening wedding. Opt for something more refreshing like the Bloody Mary or mimosa if it's daytime.

What are the disadvantages of a signature drink?

A major disadvantage is that you'll most likely have to pay for every person's drink. It also limits guests' options, particularly if they don't like your choice of drinks.

Is there an alternative idea to consider?

One excellent option is having both an open bar and a signature drink. This allows you to get the perks of both, but it will cost more than either option separately. It gives guests the convenience of an open bar while still allowing them to customize their drinks with your signature drink. One example is offering unlimited beer and wine along with a custom cocktail that can be ordered by name. This provides an economical choice for your guests, while still allowing you to have the drink representing the wedding.
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