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What country is Smarter Bridal located in?
We are happily located in Texas, USA.

Why buy from Smarter Bridal?
Your satisfaction is our top priority.  We believe happy brides = a happy job for us.  We sell the same quality of dress your friend just paid $3,000+ for, we just offer our dresses directly from our seamstresses.  Think of all the middle men this eliminates, not to mention Smarter Bridal doesn't do "wedding tax".  Our dresses just look like they cost a fortune.  Smarter Bridal is experienced in the world of wedding dresses and we know the majority of brides over pay for their wedding dress.   All our photos of our dresses are made by our seamstresses.  We are always here to answer any questions or concerns you have, we get your wedding dress is a BIG deal, and we treat it as such.

What sizes does Smarter Bridal offer? 
We are happy to offer wedding dresses in sizes 2-28+.  We never charge a penny more for plus sizes.  The price listed for a dress is for ALL sizes we carry.  If you need a dress larger than a 28+, please contact us for more information.  Our goal is to make every bride feel as gorgeous as they are and we do our best to cover any and all costs related to sizing. We will do all we can to never charge anyone for anything sizing related.  However the odd time, we may need to pass on a small fee to brides as our margins are tight to offer the best deal.

What if I love one of your dresses but want straps added?  Can you do that and what is the cost?
YES!  We love making small changes to wedding dresses FREE of any extra charge.  Just contact to tell us what you want changed and we will let you know if we can make it happen.  Examples of these changes are; adding/removing straps, changing the back style (corset/zipper), or you want a  different color. Things like  adding more beading, increasing the train length, making major changes to a stock dress are likely to increase the price.  We are dedicated to giving top quality wedding dresses at an unbelievable price, and strive to never charge extra if we don't need to in order to cover our costs.

How does my credit card protect me on purchasing from Smarter Bridal?
Great question.  Let's say for some crazy out there reason, you get a dress you didn't order.  The quality isn't what you are expecting or it wasn't made to your measurements and Smarter Bridale is having a bad day and refuse to refund your money (this has never happened).  You contact your credit card, explain the situation and they will return your money.  Then they will come after Smarter Bridal to collect their money.  So as you can see as a company this would be a nightmare.  Also important to keep in mind that PayPal also offers protection on your purchase.  It is important to know it is your responsibility to be fully aware of the coverage your payment provider offers.

Does Smarter Bridal guarantee their wedding dresses?
We guarantee that the dress you order is the dress you get.  It really is that simple.  We stand behind our dresses and know they will blow you away with quality and fit. All dresses are fully lined with boning (as per style).  The fine print; make sure your measurements are accurate (follow our guide and it will be fine).

What is your return policy?
Please see our return policy here.

The idea of ordering a wedding dress online seems crazy, is it?
We get buying a wedding dress online can be stressful and is non-traditional. However did you know that if you buy from a bridal shop, they go online and enter measurements and order your dress online?  Crazy isn't it?  Your little bit of work saves you A LOT of money.  So we don't think ordering from Smarter Bridal is crazy, we think it's brilliant.

Will the dress look like the one I ordered?
YES! This is a popular question Smarter Bridal ONLY puts pictures on the website that are of the exact dress by the same seamstresses. The odd time lace may be slightly different, but 99.99999% of the time this will be unnoticeable to the eye. Did you know a lot of wedding dress designers trademark their lace? Since we don't trademark lace it allows us to keep the dress prices down.

Do I need to expect to "get what I paid for" in quality?"
NO!  Brides are under so much pressure to have everything PERFECT, I don't blame you for being concerned that you order a dress, it arrives and it looks cheap and you'd be too embarrassed to wear it. I totally get that. We searched a LONG time to find quality dresses for a great price. I can assure you it is not the quality that is what keeps our prices low. So why are our prices low? We don't have designers to pay, stock dresses to have on hand, brick and mortar store to run or the dreaded "wedding tax". We also guarantee the quality of our dresses. With SSmarter Bridal, it will only look like your dress was expensive.

Will the dress fit?
YES! The great part of Smarter Bridal, is we do all custom measurements if needed, even on length. Most traditional bridal store's only order full sizes. This means that if your hips are a size 10 and your bust a 14. They will order a 14. Then you will have to pay to have the hips altered down to a 10. Although from time to time our dresses will need slight alterations done, they are minor and affordable.  Trust us you will be shocked at the price you will likely get quoted to have a lace dress shortened!  Smarter Bridal orders the dress in the length you need it.

Is it safe to buy online?
YES! We never see or share your information.  Our seller/invoice platform has the strictest privacy policies and only allow reputable businesses to use their services.

Do you have a store where I can look at the dresses?
One of the ways we are able to have such great prices is we do not have the overhead of a brick and mortar bridal shop.  All of our business is done online.  With that said we do order stock dresses to continually monitor the quality of wedding dresses and allow local brides to pop into our home office to see the quality of these dresses.

Where do you Ship?
We happily ship all wedding dresses to; USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia and the UK!  Please contact us if your country is not listed, as shipping still may be possible

Are there extra or hidden fees?  What about customs?
There are no extra or hidden fees. The price of the wedding dress or item is all you pay, we do not charge shipping on any wedding dress order.  We don't charge shipping to offset the slight potential duty on your order.  Duty is unlikely but still could happen.  Duty is a fee from customs to obtain your product that has been imported.  This is something we are unable to control, but it rarely happens on small domestic orders. Canadian brides unfortunately are the most likely to encounter a duty charge at time of delivery. Our dresses are made by our seamstresses in China, in order to offer you the lowest price we have them ship the dresses directly to you.  The average cost of duty is under $50 for a wedding dress.  This can be more or less depending on the total cost of purchase and if it is going to Canada or the USA. Smarter Bridal is not responsible for any duty or import tax on your dress.  This charge will occur at time of delivery of your order. Please contact us  if you would like more information.  From our experience duty/taxes are not always collected, please review this website for current duty information  https://www.chinaimportal.com/blog/customs-taxes-importing-china-ultimate-guide

Will I miss out on the trying on dresses?
Everyone is different in what is important to them and their wedding experience.  We have found many brides enjoy not hauling everyone to a bridal salon, only to have them all have an opinion.  We suggest that if you do decide to order a dress from Smarter Bridal that you plan a dress reveal party.  Invite your mom and mom in law, your bridesmaids.  Pop a bottle of champagne and enjoy showing off your wedding dress!

How long before my wedding should I order my dress?
Since your dress is a big part of your big day, we suggest ordering at least 4-5 months before your wedding.  It will take up to 2 or 3 months to get the dress from the time you order.  If for any reason the dress needs to be altered or you want to get it professional pressed, you will have plenty of time to do that.

I need a dress QUICK, can Smarter Bridal help?
Please contact us as soon as possible.  Rush orders are possible at an extra charge.  Please contact us before ordering with the date you need the dress.  We want to make sure we can get the dress to you before the big day.  We also offer "In-stock Clearance".  We order dresses to continually do quality checks, we then put these dresses on our website for sale.  This is where you will find the best prices from Smarter Bridal.

Will I need to do Alterations?
This depends on a few things.  Our seamstresses are exceptional at what they do, but because of the intricate detail of the work, the dress could come give or take an inch. We recommend finding a private seamstress in your city at the time of ordering.  They don't have high overhead costs and can typically do any small alterations needed at a great price.  Custom measurements certainly reduce the amount of alterations to be expected, but don't always eliminate them.  Alterations are at the cost of the bride.

Will my dress need to be pressed?
YES!  Since the dress will be mailed to you, there may be wrinkles when you receive it.  We do not recommend ironing the dress.  To get the best results we do suggest having the dress professionally pressed.  If this is not an option, steaming it should get most wrinkles out.  Please remember wedding dresses are delicate and need to be treated as so.

How long does it take to receive my dress?
From time of order, you will receive your dress in 8-12 weeks.

How will my dress arrive?
Your dress will arrive via DHL.  You will need to be present to accept delivery and sign for the dress.  The dress will be packaged fairly small (smaller than you would imagine for a wedding dress, but this helps reduce shipping costs).  The dress will be folded inside out, this keeps it in pristine condition.  You can also expect that your dress may need to have some loose threads snipped off. This is completely normal, especially on lace dresses.
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